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December 16, 2015

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WELL Building Standard for office working environment

Tomorrow’s offices will be WELL. Light, design, new technologies … What makes an employee happy at work? On the occasion of SIMI 2015, the WELL Building Standard, a new concept centered on well-being at work, was presented by its designers.

Having an interest on the employees’s health and addressing the impact of the working space on its occupants. This is the essence of WELL Building Concept, a new label designed by the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) and officially launched in New Orleans in October 2014.

WELL Building Standard for office working environment revolves around 7 themes: air, water, food, light, physical activity, comfort and mind

Pioneered by Delos, WELL is grounded in a body of medical research that explores the connection between the buildings where we spend more than 50 percent of our time, and the health and wellness impacts on us as occupants. The WELL Building Standard is the culmination of seven years of research, in partnership with leading scientists, doctors, architects and wellness thought leaders.

WELL is transforming our offices by placing health and wellness at the center of design and construction decisions. The Delos platform includes research, consulting, real estate development and innovative solutions for the built environment – creating spaces that nurture and promote human health and well-being.

Exploring the intersection between people and the built environment, WELL creates spaces that actively contribute to human health and performance by combining the best innovations in technology, health, science, design and enterprise. We see the built environment as an asset to maximize human potential, and we envision environments that enhance us – that are both proactive and reactive – to live better by cultivating healthy lifestyle choices and helping prevent health problems before they begin.

For example, light has an impact on the productivity of the employees. It is therefore up to imitate natural lighting with warm and cold light to get the best results. Besides a more general way, the welfare impacts on productivity and happiness is a management lever. But it is also an HR lever “to recruit the best people and keep them.”

You cand find here more information about WELL Building Standard for office working environment.


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