About us

We have the skills and creativity to deliver unique projects

EKKO + Team

We are a leading integrated office design & build specialist, experienced in all the interior construction trades. Through the construction of your workplace, we provide a complete range of services and know-how in order to ensure high quality turnkey solutions for your project.

Our creative team will inspire your with the quality of our fit-out works. Every step of the way, we are always actively seeking feedback from our customers and see that we successfully meet all their expectancies.The secret of our success lies in the professionalism and commitment of our team. We have highly specialized people, organized in design & consultancy, technical engineering, site management and project management, sales and sales support functions, thus delivering complex and efficient turnkey solutions for office projects.

Creative Team

An essential part of any business is its work space climate. Consulting with our specialists will define and encourage ideas, leading to creating genuinely inspirational workplaces. Collaborative spaces, invaluable areas of quiet contemplation or play rooms, it all impact your company, boosting the motivation of your co-workers and enhancing the innovation, as concepts grow and change.


Our mission is to create long term relationships with our partners, to better understand their purpose and values and to hand-over office interiors exactly suited to their business needs. We carefully listen to your recommendations and suggestions, follow and anticipate market trends, in order to provide customized and leading-edge products and services. We want to thank you for your confidence which we have enjoyed for nearly 12 years.


Our team will assist you in the selection, procurement and delivery of every product. Whatever you require, we have the ressources to make sure that the products fit your exact specifications. Our commitment to aftercare lead to the development of our Preventive Maintenance Program, which includes periodically free revisits, to solve any emergent situation.

Our Approach

Since 2004, we have continuously developed and diversified our products and services. We comply with all the professional standards, delivering efficient, customized and integrated solutions for office and residential spaces, production halls and commercial areas, including design&consultancy services, project and site management, meeting the most elaborated requirements.

Our skills can be applied in any business sector, such as industry, professional services, banking, insurance, the food industry, new technologies, retail, e-commerce, the pharmaceutical industry and many more.

We have national coverage and a strong understanding of the specific challenges of integrated fit-out projects, which makes us a favorite supplier to multinational groups. We help you optimise your budget and provide effective work space solutions that can meet both the aesthetics and the functional side of the project.

When meeting with our potential customers, we take pride in our ability to listen their stated requirements and interpreting their needs in a way that will enable us to create an environment that supports and reflects the unique company’s organizational culture.

Services and Products

  • Design and Consultancy
  • Project and Site Management
  • Integrated Fit-out Works
  • Interior Partitioning Systems
  • Complete Flooring Solutions
  • MEP & HVAC Works
  • Office Relocation Services
  • Office Refurbishment Solutions
  • Service and Maintenance

Our Skills

We have ability to understand different regulations and work space requirements. Our team puts great emphasis on professionalism, efficiency and reliability. All our employees are constantly informed about the new work procedures and safety equipment, receive periodical specialized safety and fire prevention training, in order to ensure their safety on site, as well as the safety of the workplace. We continuously invest in our team’s professional development in order to integrate the best level of performance and create a unique spirit in the company.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to actively participate to the environment protection. In order to achieve this goal, we are carefully selecting and constantly distributing products which are recyclable and are being obtained through an industrial process that is protecting the environment and limiting pollution and waste to the minimum.

We advise our partners on taking advantage on the latest innovations and technologies, thus lowering the companies’s energy consumption and enhancing its reputation on the market. The raw material that composes the office partitioning systems, which is aluminium, is 100% indefinitely recyclable.

‘My Green School’ Project

Let’s Do It Romania’s team launched the first office furniture reuse campaign with EKKO. The project aims to improve one of the most serious problems that the rural schools are facing: degaded furniture. The partnership with Let’s Do It Romania for My Green School Project started with a donation of desks, cabinets and roll-boxes for classrooms and laboratories. Since that first campaign, EKKO actively donates the used office furniture its clients no longer use. Learn more about the project here.

Let’s Do It Romania

Our team place an emphasis on the social responsibility policy. We actively assist Let’s do it Romania’s programs, whether it’s waste cleaning and disposal on National Cleaning Day or reuse of office furniture for the less equipped rural schools program. We want to bring our contribution to changing things for the better and support responsible waist disposal.

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