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July 27, 2015

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3 tips to boost your employees productivity in an open-plan office space

After a long period of glory where we overstated all its benefits, such as proximity of employees and emulation of teamwork, the open-plan office space is now questioned. Some companies think that it might affect the proper concentration of employees and therefore, ultimately, the company’s productivity.

While it is true that working in an open space office presents some distinct characteristics which we have to take into consideration, it is also possible to compensate small disadvantages only to enjoy the benefits and thus increasing efficiency.

Improving acoustics

The volume of the open space perimeter, flooring and ceiling systems, walls, materials and finishes used for the fit-out works have complementary and sometimes adverse influences. Improving the acoustics of the workplace is a key element for every modern and interactive open space environment. It is important for the employees to be able to stay focused and to understand one another effortlessly.

Visual screening

The proportion of work that requires concentration at the workplace is very high, compared to the share of communication. Effective acoustic and visual screening is essential for employees performance. With polyvalent and intelligent work benches you can optimally fit the ergonomics and aesthetics, ensuring in the same time high-quality acoustics.

Creating quiet rooms and recreation spaces

Providing the necessary meeting places or quiet rooms that can also be used as recreational areas is a major challenge in the development of contemporary offices. Indeed, work patterns have evolved particularly with new technologies. It is important that employees can meet quickly and independently, to encourage their responsiveness and involvement in corporate life. Such spaces also foster their creativity, involvement and participation in finding solutions for your business.


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